2020 Vision

Hey Pretty Gurl,

So, we are officially in a new decade. Cheers to 2020! It seems like the year flew by. As we prepare to take on this new year, it’s a good time to look back on what goals you were able to accomplish, and those that still need more time to achieve. With hard work, and determination, I managed to accomplish many goals, and I’m truly grateful, but there are still many visions I still would like to see manifest. If you are like me and want to see the manifestation process evolve, creating a vision board is ideal for you.

Last year, I decided to take action and began the creation of my very first vision board. So, what really is a vision board? It is the representation of your hopes, dreams, and goals. Your goals are displayed and give clarity to help you focus on completing those goals. Seeing your goals displayed in front of you helps to fully commit and focus. It also allows you to get into a more positive mindset, which increases your chances of reaching your goals. Your board can consist of images, quotes, and affirmations.

Where are all my visual learners at? I am a visual learner, so I need to see my goals on a daily basis. I am the queen of sticky notes, so I literally have notes posted everywhere on my work desk, and at home. It may sound weird, but it definitely helps me in achieving and sticking to my goal plan. Goal mapping is another great way to set and achieve your goals. Start by focusing on unfinished goals and slowly work your way into beginning a new one.

Okay, let’s start this year with 2020 vision. It’s time to see everything clearly. See the vision. Believe the vision. There’s no need to stress or compare yourself to anyone else, create your own lane, focus solely on completing your goals, and do the best you can. You are a Goal Getter!



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