Go Goal Getter!

Wow! Can you believe that we're already half way done with 2019!? Where in the world did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was goal mapping and creating a vision board for the start of this new year. So, I have to be honest, I haven't accomplished everything on my goal list. How about you? Have you gotten off track and need to hit the reset button to pick up where you left off? I have! Some tasks I haven't even attempted to begin. Smh. If you are in this boat with me, then this blog post is a must read. I will discuss how to continue to stay motivated, focused, and finish strong with your completing your goals for this year. Sis, let's crush these goals together!

On Your Mark

Take a look at your list of long-term and short-term goals. I am a visual person, so my goals are marked on sticky notes everywhere. (I'm the queen of post-it-notes) I keep them on my desk at work, at home on the dresser, and in my planner. Seeing my goals on a daily allows me to stay focused. My short term goals are listed first. I created my list this way because it allows me to prioritize and manage my goals. Starting off small is very important. Try to achieve small, simple goals first. When I followed this approach I begin to feel successful in the completion of my goals. Girrrrrl, I felt so accomplished every time I marked off my list! #checklistcomplete

Get Set

Now that some goals are marked as complete, it's time to gear yourself up for the next set. This is not your moment to give up, this is your moment to continue to flourish, and crush those next set of goals. Slowly work yourself up the ladder to bigger accomplishments. I encourage you to keep persevering during this time because sometimes we tend to get burned out because we have put in so much time and effort into completing the previous tasks. Also, beware of signals of becoming burned out! These are signs that you may need to slow down, or take a break. Self-care is a must when you're a goal -getter. Again, try not set really big expectations; thinking that you can get it all done. You must be intentional and realistic when setting your goals.


As a blogger I've learned the importance of sticking to my goals and being consistent. Has this journey been easy? No indeed not! If I wanted to see success in the my blogging career I had to hold myself accountable for my goals. I created the plan, and went for it. You can too! Reaching your goals take time, and it‘s a constant journey. So, take action and go for it! Remember you‘re half way there. See you at the finish line, sis!



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