I went on vacation for a week and you know what that means, right? Eating, drinking, enjoying time with family, and more eating! Everyday it seemed like I was indulging in so much good food. Yes, I made some bad choices, but I was on vacation, and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it. Eating healthy was no where on my mind. Then reality set in, vacation was coming to an end soon, and all I could think about on the way home was what type of detox drink I was going to prepare. I had about five different mixtures in my head. Detoxing is really great because it gets rid of toxins in your body, and it helps us to develop healthy habits. Have you ever thought about getting rid of toxins in your mind? I’ll wait..


Not many people consider doing a mental detox. Yes, I said it. A mental detox. This type of detox consists of eliminating thoughts that trigger negative emotions. Sometimes we do not realize the negative energy that we allow to enter into our mind. Which will eventually lead to negative thinking ,and negative emotions. You must decide what, and who you will let consume your thoughts. It's very important that you protect your positive energy. Once you allow yourself to become negative,there is a chance that you will find yourself attracting negative people, and that will lead to negative situations.

If you begin to experience feelings of negativity, or you can't seem to find the positive in a situation,and as a result of this you begin to experience feelings of anxiety and lack of focus; then it's time for a mental detox!


Tidying your home, or your desk at work is important and beneficial to keeping a clutter-free environment. It is just as essential to declutter your mind as well. Mind clutter can lead to lack of focus, stress, unhappiness, and other serious factors. Getting rid of mental baggage is the key to staying focused, motivated,and productive. How can you have peace if your thoughts are all over the place, and you're constantly worrying and can't concentrate? This is a true sign of needing to free up some mental space. I'm going to be real with you, sometimes you have to let go of people, expectations, and emotions that no longer serve you any purpose. LET IT GO! That relationship, that coworker, that friend. Sis, let it go and move forward. I know it may be easier said than done. Trust me, I know. I've experienced several moments where I had to remove myself from certain situations in order to protect my energy and peace of mind.


So, do you think you can benefit from doing a mental detox? Are you ready to cleanse your mind and thoughts for a fresh start? The decision is totally up to you. Only you are aware of when it's time to remove the clutter and release those negative thoughts. I made the decision to do a mental detox when I began to realize that my thoughts were hindering me from being my best self. I felt stagnant. I know that God has a wonderful future planned for me, and I felt like I wasn't making the right steps to move in that direction. I immediately began to meditate, and spend more time with God in prayer and fasting. Sometimes we need to go through a season of detox so you can further better yourself. The process of detoxification is definitely needed. Don't wait..

Detox Today!


Here are a few ways to detox and declutter your mind:

* Cut out toxic people

*Take a break from social media

*Spend time with people who make you feel good



Purpose Point: What are some ways you can benefit from a mental detox? Share with me your thoughts.


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